The Most Awesome Thing About This Pizzeria Isn’t The Food, It’s The Employees

This bakery and pizzeria in Reno, Nevada, is totally unique. While the food is delicious, it’s not what the Smiling with Hope Pizzeria and Bakery is known for.

Walter Gloshinski, the owner of the restaurant, wanted to do something special for the people with disabilities in his community.

Gloshinski started his career as a teacher for special needs teenagers at a local school, so he saw what these kids had to deal with every day.

He knew that there weren’t many jobs available to them once they graduated, so he wanted to give them the employment opportunities they deserved. That’s why he opened the Smiling with Hope Pizzeria and Bakery.

Gloshinski hopes to empower children with disabilities. He wants them to learn valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

He hopes that people look at his business model and realize that people with special needs can be amazing, dedicated employees.

The food is awesome at this pizza joint, but the people are even better.