Awesome Teacher Donates Kidney To Sick 8-Year-Old Student

Eight-year-old Natasha ‘Tasha’ Fuller is recovering well after receiving a lifesaving organ transplant – amazingly the donor was her teacher.

After being born with prune belly syndrome, poor kidney function had left Tasha, from Wisconsin, missing school over trips to the hospital for dialysis.

Tasha lives with her grandparents to be near the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee for specialised treatment and due to the tubes attached to her body she couldn’t do things a normal girl of her age could do.

Seeing Tasha’s plight, her teacher from Oakfield Elementary, Jodi Schmidt, decided to act. Last December Ms Schmidt began the long process of finding out if she was a match for Tasha.

In March Jodi got the news that she was indeed a match and decided to spring a massive surprise on Tasha’s grandmother Chris Burleton.