Astonishing Octopus Is Master of Disguise

The Mimic Octopus aka Thaumoctopus mimicus, which was only discovered in 1998 off the coast of Indonesia, is simply amazing!

The mimic octopus lives exclusively in nutrient-rich estuarine bays of Indonesia and Malaysia full of potential prey.

It uses a jet of water through its funnel to glide over the sand while searching for prey, typically small fish, crabs, and worms.

It also is prey to other species. Like other octopuses, the mimic octopus’ soft body is made of nutritious muscle, without spine or armor, and not obviously poisonous, making it desirable prey for large, deep water carnivores, such as barracuda and small sharks.

Often unable to escape such predators, its mimicry of different poisonous creatures serves as its best defense.

Mimicry also allows it to prey upon animals that would ordinarily flee an octopus; it can imitate a crab as an apparent mate, only to devour its deceived suitor.