Artist Makes Intricate Designs By Painstakingly Using a Pin To Pierce Patterns On To Eggshells

These cracking sculptures have incredibly been made out of delicate eggshells using just a pin and a lot of patience.

Slovenian artist Franc Grom, 72, turns everyday eggshells that would normally be thrown out with the rubbish into beautiful pieces of art.

It can take Grom – who has been creating the rare egg art for 18 years – months to complete just one egg with an average of 3,000 tiny holes.

In Slovenia, pirhi, meaning Easter eggs, are intricate works of art. Slovene artisans typically paint their eggs in elaborate detail or, using what is known as the drsanka technique, lightly scratch delicate designs into the surfaces of colored eggs.

Grom’s work ranges from asymmetrical motifs inspired by traditional Slovenian designs to cutouts that glow when illuminated from the inside.