Art Expert Removes 200 Years Of Yellowing Varnish From A Painting In Minutes

Videos of things been thoroughly cleaned are always very satisfying, but this clip, posted by “Fake or Fortune?” host Philip Mould, of yellowed varnish being stripped off an old painting might be the pinnacle of the form.

If you’re in need of a nice obsession to distract you from the banal horrors of your daily life, we may have exactly what your dried, withered soul craves.

It has the similar satisfaction side-effects as a good pimple popping video without the associated grossness.

It’s not entirely clear what’s being used to strip off the varnish and why it’s not also removing the paint beneath, but various guides on how to remove varnish describe using a cleaner on a small section to remove the varnish and then using a second product to “neutralize” the cleaned area.