Angry Citizen Kicks The Car Of Suspect During Bizarre Slow-Speed Police Chase

A driver led Los Angeles police on a bizarre, slow-speed chase through the San Fernando Valley, stopping and going several times as the car’s rear bumper dangled off.

After multiple PIT maneuvers and spike strip deployments, while pedestrians and other drivers looked on, authorities were finally able to arrest the suspect near Ventura Boulevard and Gloria Avenue. Driving a stolen vehicle and wanted for DUI, a suspect led authorities on a bizarre, slow-speed chase through surface streets in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.

After obeying a red light along Ventura Boulevard, the suspect proceeded with hazard lights blinking as authorities slightly backed off. Several pedestrians and other drivers in nearby cars stopped to take photos of the slow-moving vehicle. As the chase dragged on, more drivers along the road began exiting their cars and trying unsuccessfully to stop the suspect’s vehicle while police cruisers trailed close behind.

The suspect eventually turned around at the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Noeline Avenue and continued to drive with four flat tires, two of them worn down to the rim.

The driver was transported to a hospital for complaints of shortness of breath, authorities said.