Alabama Doctor Gives Homeless Man The Coat Off His Back

Temperatures reached a chilly high of 31 degrees on January 13 in Birmingham, Alabama, where while sitting at a red light, Briana DiGiorgio witnessed something that touched her heart.

At the side of the intersection was a homeless man holding a cardboard sign, dressed in what she described as “minimal clothing,” with a sweatshirt wrapped around his neck like a scarf.

As DiGiorgio watched, he was approached by another person, who took off his jacket and put it on the homeless man. That’s when DiGiorgio started recording. “I thought, ‘I have to get it on video, I have to,'” she said. “It’s something I don’t see every day. I posted it so others could witness what I saw.”

Watch as the incredibly kind man gives a stranger the coat off his back. He was later identified as Dr. Rees Oliver, a Birmingham neonatologist.