After Seeing Their 93-Year-Old Neighbor Struggling, Two Men Step Up In A Big Way

One afternoon, 26-year-old Rodney Smith, Jr. had an idea after noticing that an elderly man was having a hard time mowing his lawn. It occurred to him that the man was in need of help, and Rodney knew just how to do it.

Through Facebook, Rodney let everyone know that he was willing to provide lawn care, free of charge, to the disabled or elderly, as well as single mothers – anyone who couldn’t take care of their own yards for whatever reason.

His goal was to mow 40 lawns in his home of Huntsville, Alabama by winter. When he completed that goal in just over a month, he reached his next milestone of cutting 100 lawns just two months later.

From there, Rodney founded Raising Men Lawn Care Service with his friend Terrence Stroy. One client at a time, these amazing young men started a movement. To name just one example, they came to the rescue of their 93-year-old neighbor, Mrs. Young, when she couldn’t maintain her own lawn.

They mow her lawn every two weeks, but she’s not the only person that uses their services. Luckily, Rodney and Terrence aren’t working alone, either: they found several young men, ages 7-17, that were eager to help their community!

In the video below, Rodney makes a special connection between Raising Men Lawn Care Service and something that most people probably wouldn’t associate with yard maintenance: karate!