Adorable Dog Refuses to Let Guy Take a Nap

You’ve probably experienced the situation before—you’re dozing off on the couch, just seconds away from the bliss of slumber when your dog punches you in the face with his paw. Or your pup licks your ear. Or he jumps on your stomach and wants to play. This has happened to all pet owners at one point or another.

But for YouTube user Garret AJ this type of thing happens all of the time. Basically, the guy can never nap in peace.

In an adorable and funny video fittingly titled “My Dog is a Nap Jerk,” Garrett AJ tries multiple times to snooze on the sofa. He gets comfortable, closes his eyes, and attempts to snuggle with his sweet-looking Border Collie.

But the dog doesn’t seem to be very tired. The Border Collie nudges, paws, jumps on and licks his pet parent. The cute pooch tries every trick in the book to get some attention. And it’s adorable.