7-Year-Old Phenom “Flying Squirrel” Takes Surfing World by Storm

Surfing is a deceptive sport. From the beach, surfers appear to glide effortlessly on the water. They make it look easy, but any surfer will tell you it’s a challenge.

Which is why when Quincy Symonds, 7, of Coolangatta, Australia, surfed her first wave at 4 years old, the surfing community was amazed.

Quincy’s parents remember how quickly that connection was formed. “Quincy just did not want to get out of the water,” her father, Jake Symonds, said. “The only way we could get her to leave was to promise that she’d get to go back again tomorrow.”

She rapidly picked up the fundamentals of the sport and began competing in local competitions within a year of her first surf. Onlookers were surprised that Quincy was unfazed by waves double her size.

Even though Quincy dreams of being a champion pro surfer too, her parents are focused on keeping the sport fun.