5 Awesome Feline Life Hacks For People Who Are Owned By Their Cats

Cats are not the easiest animals to live with. They are notoriously demanding, exceptionally territorial, and, despite what some would have you believe, probably not as domesticated as you’d like to think.

They are nocturnal hunters who mock our attempts to command them with contemptuous, stoic defiance, knocking things off shelves, resting on keyboards as we work, and generally taking control of every corner of any living space that they might occasionally tolerate us in.

No one owns a cat. At best, you’re a caretaker. At best.

Cats have no desire to impress us. Instead, they make us work tirelessly to amuse and support them.

That’s what makes this video by Cole and Marmalade — a feline YouTube duo — so awesome. It offers up five hints to make living with these tiny lions a little bit easier for all involved.